Manufactured 1992
Airframe 1 057 hrs
Engine 356 hrs
Paint refurbished by Jonkers 2008.
Becker avionics, oxygen etc.
Always hangared. Many accessories
Euro 80 000,   ex-Mariental, Namibia
4 S10 already operating as NTCA in RSA

More on the S10-V:
Wingspan 23 m
Seating 2 side by side
Engine 92 hp Limbach
Power cruise 100 kt, range 600 nm
Glide angle 50:1



ZAR 3m (ex-VAT )ex-South Africa   (less than 50% the price of an S12)

Definitely the best S10-VT on the planet

S/N                                 11-070

Manufactured             2002

Airframe                       +/-950 h

Engine                            Rotax 914 +/-100h since new

Propeller                       Stemme +/-100h since new

Drive shaft & clutch   100hr since overhauled by Stemme

Undercarriage              New light weight wheels & hydraulics

Finish                                Polyurethane, like new

Upgrades                         Axella winglets based on JS-1

                                             Cockpit air extractor

                                             Improved oil cooling

                                             Precision digital engine monitor

                                             12Ah LiFePO4 auxiliary battery

                                             Spare tail wheel mount

                                             Factory mod for tall pilots

                                             Dual 5v USB socket

Equipment                        LxNavigation ZEUS 4.3 computer

                                             LxNavigation EOS IGC variometer

                                             LxFlarm Eagle with dual antennae

                                             LxFlarm Coloure Display

                                             Kanardia analogue/digital altimeter

                                             TQ/Dittel  KRT2 dual watch VHF

                                             TQ/Dittel KTX2 ModeS transponder

                                             Winter 5m/s mechanical variometer

                                             Winter airspeed indicator

                                             Airpath compass, southern field

                                             EI fuel computer (remaining, flow)

                                             Kanardia Digital engine monitor:



                                                      2 x CHT

                                                      2 x EGT

                                                      Oil temp

                                                      Oil pressure

                                                      Fuel pressure

                                                      Fuel quantity L & R

                                                      Volts, Amps

                                             Solar panels on turtle deck

                                             Tailwheel fairing

                                             Two Kevlar oxygen cylinders

                                             Mountain High EDS 02D2

                                             2 x MarS ATL88/90 parachutes

                                             EASA multiprobe

                                             Full hangar dust covers

                                             Aluminised canopy cover

                                             One man hangar dolly

                                             2 wing jacks for u/c service

                                             Spare tyres and other parts