A new high aspect ratio blended winglet has been developed by Axella Aero Engineering for the S10 series.

After a year of flight testing on our demonstrator we have seen significant improvements in roll response and authority and final glides are consistently above the published polar, with no apparent disadvantage in high speed flight. Thermalling performance at steep bank angles and high wing loading is exceptionally good, compared to other sailplanes.

These winglets are not certified, or approved by Stemme AG, so may only be fitted to non-type certified S10.

Available with mounting and alignment kit for your aircraft, including those without existing winglets (note that each S10 is slightly different, and therefore some composite bonding work required in each case).

They are interchangeable with the original factory winglets on that particular aircraft.  Since we have no control of the quality of workmanship during fitting, these winglet kits are purchased and used solely at the purchasers risk.


Silver Dreams aluminium coated light weight polyester canopy cover to protect your S10 or S12 when parking outside away from home.

Packs up into a bag the size of a small loaf of bread and easily packed behind your seat back.


The right hand cooling inlet duct directs air to the top of the engine, intercooler, oil cooler and finally the air filter plenum chamber.

Our kit blocks off the flow to the aforementioned chamber, providing increased flow through the oil cooler. In South African summers, the oil temperature was reduced approximately 10 deg C at the top of climb.

A separate NACA duct introduces air to the air filter plenum chamber.

The kit includes a moulded NACA duct for bonding inside the righthand side engine cowl, a glass fibre block off pate and instructions.  Some composite experience is required to fit the components, which takes several hours.


Have you suffered a punctured tailwheel on an away trip?  A convenient solution is to carry a complete spare wheel mounted just behind the main battery. Our kit comprises a new Tost tail wheel fitted with inflated tyre and tube and a moulded glass fibre mount for bonding to the floor of the tail boom.  The wheel is held in place with a bolt screwed down onto an embedded nut plate.

This is the area used by the S12 for a luggage bay, so in case you are tempted to put any other light items with the wheel, we include a light plastic bonded mesh net to be pop riveted with washers across the face of the next bulkhead (we have heard of owners discovering lost items right down their tail boom, so this net is a good idea).